Fresh. Scratch. Delicious.

Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners is a Chicago-based school lunch provider that specializes in scratch-cooked meals and snacks that students want to eat. Beyond Green is devoted solely to providing quality food to children in schools and childcare centers with the hopes of proliferating the sustainability practices on which Beyond Green operates, and the mission of changing the way society perceives and approaches food, which starts with children.

Our nutritious, fresh food programs increase student wellness, and allow young people to achieve their highest potential by preparing them to make responsible decisions about their food and food systems. Empowering children through good food is just the beginning of building a strong educational foundation that will affect generations to come. Beyond Green does best to reduce or eliminate waste in every facet of its operations. We operate a zero-waste kitchen where all ingredient containers are recycled, and food scraps composted, by private companies dedicated to their specialty.

Beyond Green Menu and Nutrition

Beyond Green develops menus with the aim of not only satisfying the palates of children, but also expanding them by adding eclectic flavors and ingredients to recipes that kids love. In addition to menu staples like macaroni and cheese and hand-breaded chicken tenders, Beyond Green hopes to expand palates by offering menu items like shepherd’s pie, sushi, and zucchini bread. All Beyond Green menu items are made from scratch using fresh, wholesome ingredients to ensure our food has optimal nutritional value.

Our team continually sources, costs, and portions potential recipes to assure we are offering exceptional school foods in pace with children’s changing tastes. Beyond Green is committed to listening to the communities we serve and conducts regular surveys and focus groups.

Our Commitment to Transparency

Beyond Green strives to be the most transparent foodservice provider out there. Not only does this give our customers confidence in our claims, it also helps to hold others accountable in educating consumers. We would love to say that we are 100% organic and local, however the skinny margin that currently exists in school lunch makes this next to impossible. To best utilize resources, we focus on preferable sourcing in four main areas:









We define preferable as anything purchased locally, organically, or without antibiotics and hormones.

Our kitchen also measures waste streams in 5 categories:






Total weights are recorded in each category so we know how much waste is diverted monthly. As a zero-waste kitchen, nothing gets sent to a landfill. This number is contingent on many things: how many orders we fulfilled each month, if we did any events, school cancelations, and when our menu changes. Keeping these factors in mind and keeping weights logged help us know when we are overproducing or overbuying. It holds our staff accountable, and it lets you know we are paying attention!