Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners is a foodservice consulting company that helps clients become more sustainable and health conscious in their operations. A sustainable program does not need to be costly. Our model finds ways you can reduce costs, waste, and time to become more competitive and responsible by investing in sustainable, green practices within your foodservice operation.

Our Consulting Model

Our programs are based on evolution, not revolution, and we work closely with clients to transition smoothly and comfortably into new ways of operating.We work with institutions to help build the necessary stakeholder relationships that impact the success of sustainability programs. Our holistic model integrates organizational change with planning, outreach, and education to engage everyone from administrators to consumers.  We can customize services to fit your needs.


It is important to evaluate the “current reality” of your operation. Beyond Green always begins by doing an internal analysis of all processes, procedures, and operational systems in order to identify the gaps in your current system and find inefficiencies where costs can be reduced.


Facilitate a visioning session to set a context for where we are headed in your establishment. Key stakeholders attend this session so that a clear vision of your sustainability path is shared.

Strategy Development

Build a 3 to 10 year strategy plan with year-by-year benchmarks to improve the quality of food and non-food items. This includes reducing waste, energy, water, and disposables while increasing education, engagement, and serving safe food all within budget.


Once you approve of the strategy we will work with your team to implement it.  Key areas could include: scratch cooking with a farm-to-fork approach, recipe development, hiring and training kitchen staff, implementing efficient production methods and safety standards, zero waste systems, educational opportunities, monitoring costs and reporting on progress.

Training &


The Beyond Green team can work with your staff to develop or fine-tune their skills.  Our intensive training programs encompass team building, culinary training, and marketing techniques that resonate with staff and customers, improve food quality, and increase meal participation.



What you do not measure you cannot manage. Beyond Green offers third party monitoring and reporting services to ensure that your operation is reaching its benchmark goals. Instead of self-professing green initiatives we can help your work speak for itself.


Whether your design or redesign requirements are big or small we offer services to suit your needs through: construction project management, kitchen design services, design planning services, architectural services, and real estate due diligence.

Marketing & Communications

Great results start with a plan and we execute game changing marketing strategies. We will work with you to determine your goals and develop a strategic marketing and communications plan that meets your objectives. We deliver innovative marketing programs and materials to educate and entice your customers and keep them coming back!