Beyond Green’s Mindful Feeding ™ Consultative Services

Beyond Green’s Mindful Feeding ™ Consultative Services


What does Mindful Feeding ™ consultative services mean?


Beyond Green Partners has performed Mindful Feeding consultative services in institutional kitchens across the country since 2012. While there are other consultants who work with school kitchens to help them become more efficient or save money, Beyond Green’s Mindful Feeding is holistic and unique.


Mindful Feeding requires deep listening from both cooks and eaters. It necessitates a vision and continual reminders of what matters. It leaves the past behind and accounts only to the present moment. Mindful Feeding guides eaters into the process of dining while bestowing the cook with purpose and vitality. It takes care of the land and the people, and supports the community.


Through the practice of Mindful Feeding consultation, we can influence not only the health of humanity, but we can inspire eaters to become their best selves, erase the invisible lines of separation placed in our minds, and contribute to a world that works for everyone.


BGP founder Greg Christian spent years elevating his catering business to this standard at a time when the idea of recycling and compost provoked blank stares. BGP created a zero waste kitchen, bought local and organic food, connected sales and cooking employees with farms, mapped every ingredient used in my kitchen from growing site to door, and hired a diverse staff. Our Mindful Feeding consultative services repeatedly reminds the students they are the customers and their opinions are valued. And we ask the cooks what dishes ignite their passions. Through listening and engagement, kids’ hearts and minds open to trying new foods and eating healthy while the people who prepare the food transform from workers and mothers to warriors. A young child wrote us a thank you note for helping to bring a scratch-cooked, community food based program to her school saying, “Thanks for listening to us.”  


When we engage in any part of the food process – growing, cooking, planning, shopping, knowing the farmer, sharing in community, distributing – we are more likely to make healthy choices that benefit ourselves and the planet. I hear from confused parents regularly who are unable to process their child eating tofu or green beans or ratatouille when they won’t touch the same foods at home. In the programs BGP has built based on Mindful Feeding, children have a say in what they eat, they are involved in the growing process, they learn about the ingredients in the classroom, and they meet the farmers who grow the food.


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Beyond Green Partners’ Mindful Feeding ™

  1. Forgive The Current Food System—Each one of us has played a part in getting us here. Walk in forgiveness to ensure you stay the on your path.
  2. Heal Yourself–Healers heal themselves first, then others.
  3. Give Those You Are Feeding a Voice–Ask questions and engage the eaters along the way regarding the growing of food, meeting with farmers, taste testing, meal planning,  shopping, cooking, and edible education.
  4. Listen Deeply–Everyone wants to be heard.
  5. Know the Origin of Your Food—Investigate and understand the life cycle for all the foods you are serving.
  6. Feed With Your Heart and Your Mind–Obstacles can best be overcome when we hold in our hearts and minds the “why” we are feeding our loved ones.
  7. Stay Present –It can take 12 times of trying a new food before our palates like the food.
  8. Practice Cooking–It takes practice to make great food that others want to enjoy.
  9. Have Fun –Introducing new foods should be a fun experience, but it takes a lot of work to get healthy food on the plate. Loved ones will be more engaged if you are able to make Mindful Feeding fun.