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About Greg

Chef Greg Christian is a sustainable foodservice consultant, chef, author, and entrepreneur. His company, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners, provides measured strategies and solutions for organizations interested in making the switch to more sustainable foodservice platforms. The company is also a local foodservice provider for the greater Chicago community.

Greg graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and spent his early career working in the restaurant industry alongside esteemed chefs like John Terczak. Greg then owned and operated his own catering business for 17 years. When Greg’s daughter began to have severe asthma and allergy problems, Greg learned to control her health issues by using organic and sustainably produced foods. After years of exercising this in his own home, Greg brought these green food practices into his catering business.

It is no secret that the current food system is stuck and lagging behind generations that will continue to look towards green initiatives. Greg decided to tackle this as a consultant by opening Beyond Green.

With years of real-life experience, Greg helps clients in areas such as:

Creating zero waste kitchens

Improving kitchen efficiency

Scratch cooking

Recipe development

Environmental policies

Third-party monitoring systems